Vibration Control

Technology advances so quickly today that it can be difficult as an inventor or manufacturer to stay ahead of the pack. One way, though that you can build a better machine, whether your specialty is yard equipment, heavy machinery for factories or construction, or even play machines for children, is to use Sorbothane® for your vibration control needs. Our unique liquid-solid product can bend under pressure to absorb shock and vibration that causes noise and unnecessary wear on your machine, and it helps you create a better product in three important ways: by controlling the amount of vibration and noise your machine creates, by making your machine function more smoothly, and by making your machine run longer.

Control Vibrations and Noise with Sorbothane

Whether you’re building a crane for moving building materials or a ride-on toy truck for kids to enjoy, one of your main goals should be to control vibration and noise that comes from your machine. As an inventor or manufacturer, you already know that vibration and the noise that comes from it are a part of any machine that has moving parts and that relies on friction to work. However, Sorbothane will allow you to have better vibration control in your product.

This unique viscoelastic product has already been used in many machine-related applications. Special pads can be made of Sorbothane that can be placed in strategic parts of an engine or other moving parts of a machine to control vibrations and noise throughout the life of the machine.

The Importance of Vibration Control

One of the great parts about controlling extra vibration is that it makes your product run more smoothly and efficiently. When too many random vibrations are present, a lot of energy is being expended that could be better used elsewhere in your machine’s running processes. Of course, good engineering should help with vibration control, but there is really only so much that good engineering can do about extra vibrations that cause a machine to become inefficient. Once your engineers have done all they can, it’s time to let Sorbothane take over to turn a well-made machine into a smooth-running piece of art.

Sorbothane Extends Machine Life

Have you noticed yet that all three of these benefits from Sorbothane are related? A machine that has good vibration control will be less noisy, will run more efficiently, and will also last much longer. One of the great things about this unique product is that it will last throughout the life of your machine. From the very beginning, then, your machinery will be built to outlast others in your field because it will run more efficiently and experience less wear due to unnecessary vibrations, but since Sorbothane will continue to provide excellent vibration control no matter how long or how often the machine is run, your machine will have a much longer lifespan.

Outlast Your Competition with Sorbothane

So, if good vibration control is one of the things that allows you to compete in your market today, Sorbothane has what you need. Machines that use Sorbothane to control vibrations will be smoother and quieter, and they’ll let you outlast your competition every time.

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