Anti-Vibration Pads For Musicians

The Importance of Vibration Control in Music

The music industry is all about vibrations, and we’re not just talking about the good vibes of the seventies, either. If you’re into music, whether you write the songs, play the songs, or record the songs, you’re all about sound waves, which are, of course, vibrations. But then you have to deal with other vibes, too, especially if you go on tour. Not only do your instruments and equipment pieces take vibrations from the actual music you’re playing, but they also get potentially harmful vibrations from moving vans, moving trolleys, and booming bass speakers.

Challenges of Vibrations for Touring Musicians

Luckily, most instruments and high-quality speakers and amps are meant to take the bass vibrations, so these types of sound waves won’t wear them down over time. The other vibrations, though, the ones that come from moving equipment around town or around the country on a six-concerts-a-week schedule can definitely damage your equipment over time. You don’t want to replace your equipment every couple of years just because of the wear and tear that touring brings. So what do you do? Check out anti-vibration pads to protect your gear.

Sorbothane’s Solution: Anti-Vibration Pads

Our anti-vibration pads are made of this really cool material called Sorbothane, which is a viscoelastic polymer. Sounds complicated, but in a nutshell, our anti-vibration pads have both liquid and solid properties. As a solid, it can store energy and release it later, and as a liquid, it can disperse energy into another form so your equipment is protected during those times when you need it the most.

Versatile Applications of Sorbothane Pads

You can use our pads in a variety of ways. Put them in strategic places in the cases that hold all your equipment so that when you’re moving things around, extra energy from vibration is absorbed. When the energy is absorbed it can’t get to your instruments and equipment and cause damage over time.

Another option is to use our pads on the pallets that you use to move your equipment around. If you have a large dolly that you use to move your equipment around, consider putting anti-vibration pads in the corners of the pallets where they will absorb vibrations. You can go over rough terrain like a parking lot but the ride will be smooth for your speakers, amps, and musical instruments because they will be separated from the vibration energy by the pads.

Extending the use of Anti-Vibration Pads Beyond Music

Really, the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can use our anti-vibration pads at a concert to keep your speakers from vibrating the floor, which can cause annoying buzzing noises as well as extra damage to the equipment directly. You can even mount cameras with them so that they aren’t affected by a particularly loud or deep bass line or the drums. If you use our anti vibration pads you won’t have to worry about fuzzy or vibrating video anymore. Sorbothane is incredibly versatile, and pads made from it come in different sizes and thicknesses so that you can use them in hundreds of different ways.

Get the Best Protection for Your Musical Equipment

Ensure your music equipment’s longevity and performance quality with Sorbothane’s anti-vibration pads. Don’t let vibrations disrupt your music. Contact us today to explore our range of solutions tailored for musicians.