Custom Molded Products for Vibration and Shock Protection for Shooters

There are many people who are really into guns. Now, we don’t mean that they are killers or anything, these are sports people, who like to take part in things like hunting and sport shooting. With both of these past times, a shotgun is often used, and it can really kill the shoulder when the gun recoils and hits you, leaving you bruised and in a lot of pain.

One thing that many shooters are using more and more these days is a recoil pad, and a lot of shooters will tell you that custom molded products such as recoil pads made from Sorbothane are one of the best things for shooters since guns and ammunition were invented. Most shooters who use these recoil pads say that they provide excellent protection from the shock experienced from recoil, or “kick” as many shooters call it.

Why Use Recoil Pads?

There are some old-school shooters who absolutely refuse to use a recoil pad, and would prefer to be in pain and just “man up” about it. Then there are the shooters who want to enjoy their hobby without crippling themselves, and they just love what using a recoil pad can do for them. Now that recoil pads are being made from Sorbothane, a viscoelastic material that is one of a kind, they are finding that they do not have the pain and bruising that they once did after a day of shooting.

Not only do these recoil pads work for shock protection, these custom molded products also actually helps the shooters to be more accurate with their aim. They flinch less, and find that they hit their targets a lot more often. You will find that even the most experienced shooters will say that they perform better when they use recoil pads. Basically, because the recoil pads with Sorbothane will block the shock from the first shot, shooters are able to get their second and third shots off more quickly and accurately, which is really good for sport shooters who are trying to get the high score for the day.

This Material Won’t Flatten Out

A common complaint about many types of recoil pads is that after they have been used for a while, they just don’t have the padding and protection that they did when they were new. This is not something that you are going to experience when you use recoil pads made with Sorbothane, because it is not a material that is going to distort or flatten out, and will still be just as effective in ten years as they were the day they were first purchased. You just can’t get that kind of guarantee with other products that are on the market today.

There are many custom molded products made from this amazing material, and they can all do a lot of good when it comes to shock absorption and even noise reduction. If you are getting into shooting, whether you are into sport shooting or hunting, make sure that you protect yourself with a recoil pad made with Sorbothane.

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