Sorbothane and Vibration Control

Vibration control is crucial to your machine’s internal working, even when that machine is your own body.

What is Vibration Control?

In any mechanical application, vibration, or extra motions and movements can be generated which can lead to increased damage and other issues. The harder or faster the parts move or the more frequently it is put into use, the more serious the damage caused by vibration can become. That means that vibration control can help protect delicate applications from damages caused by increased speed, weight or frequency. It is better to prevent damage than it is to continually have to replace parts and components time and time again.

It is not always mechanical applications that require vibration control. There are parts that are needed for the human body that requires vibration control. A shoe that is worn by someone in a factory setting will need to be comfortable and supportive but still allow for the protection of the foot as well.

How to Find a Vibration Control System

Energy cannot be created or destroyed within any system, according to the laws of physics. Instead, that energy can be dissipated, or used depending on the needs. Energy that does not need to be used is turned into heat and that heat is then transferred throughout the rest of the system.

The right vibration control system is one that allows all parts to work freely and properly and reduces potential damage that might occur. It is also one that is not damaged by the heat that is created in the process. Some materials become sticky when they heat up and then get brittle once they cool back down. Eventually, those materials will crack or break as well, reducing their usable life cycle. That broken part can also destroy other parts, causing a chain reaction.

How Sorbothane Can Help

Created from viscoelastic polymers, Sorbothane has the properties of both a solid and a liquid. Technically solid, it glides like a liquid when it is under pressure during use. Because it has a high breakage point and can be exposed to higher temperatures, it can be used in a number of applications from simple to technically complex machinery. It can be used in audio equipment where vibration control is vital to protect sound quality. It has a number of additional, real world uses that makes it the solution to turn to no matter what your needs might be.

Standard or Custom, The Choice is Up to You

While there are a number of standard Sorbothane applications listed on our website for a variety of uses, if the one you need is not listed there, you can have customized items created to suit your needs. Your parts need to be right or you run the risk of increasing the potential for damage and lessening the length of time you can use the machine or item. The perfect solution can be found or can be created with just a simple process.

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