Sorbothane and the Vibration Damper

Why A Vibration Damper is Vital

In any mechanism, there is the potential for extraneous energy to be created beyond what is needed. In some systems, this energy might be stored and used later but in most systems, that excess energy becomes a problem. Typically, the energy that is created becomes vibration, which can cause damage to the internal structures to the point of stopping the mechanism completely.

Although it is typically suggested that a shock absorber be used but that is a fallacy because there is no real such thing. In general physics terms, there is no real need because energy cannot be created or destroyed within a system. Instead, the real system uses a vibration isolation system to convert the energy that is generated into heat which is then dissipated.

Finding the Right Vibration Damper For Your Needs

Not every machine is created the same. The internal working of a jet airplane is very different from a counter-top blender but in both, vibration can be a major problem. Excessive motion can cause accelerated wear and tear and may lead to frequent breakage of certain parts.

There are several reasons to control and lessen vibration including: preventing breakage of parts, to prevent discomfort to human users of the mechanism or item and to assist in performance. Of these, the second one, related to human users might be considered the most important but thankfully, it can often be the one that is solved with the easiest solutions.

Think of vibration created as a car drives over a road. The bumpier the road or the older the car, the more vibrations can be generated. But, in most cases, the human that is riding along in that car will not feel vibrations because there is a vibration damper in place, protecting them, dissipating the energy created.

How Sorbothane Can Help

Sorbothane is a visco-elastic polymer material which makes it very unique and allows it to be used in a wide range of applications. Because it is a solid that acts like a liquid, it can be created into an ultra-thin pad or made to be thicker as the need dictates. It can be used in audio applications, specially designed tools, in computers and recoil pads for guns. They can also be used to create specially designed soles for shoes from professional shoes as well as athletic shoes.

Find Out How Sorbothane Can Help You

No matter what your needs are, you can find the right Sorbothane application for your project. Whether it is a standard part or a custom designed and molded item, we can work with you to find the perfect vibration solution, no matter what you are adding it to. From audio products to high-end technological items, big and small, personal or professional, we can find the right answer for you. Download a complimentary copy of our Standard Products Guide here.