The Best Material to Demonstrate the Elasticity of Polymeric Materials

What type of material are you seeking?

The best material to demonstrate the elasticity of polymeric materials is a highly efficient energy absorber with superior damping properties. This material is effective in a broad range of applications including, damping and isolating vibration, absorbing shock, damping noise, and dissipating heat. Following energy absorption, it must be able to return to its original shape and safely dissipate energy in a controlled manner. This material needs to be effective across a wide spectrum of temperature and chemical exposure without degrading. It must be capable of conforming to any size or shape, and must be available in any thickness needed. The material has to be easy to cut, moldable, and customizable to meet specific needs. It must also be long lasting, cost effective, and readily obtainable.

Where can this material be found?

This material, introduced in 1982, is Sorbothane®. Sorbothane is a unique proprietary viscoelastic American-made polymer. Viscoelastic means that Sorbothane exhibits properties of both liquids (viscous solutions—ones that can flow) and solids (elastic materials). Sorbothane flows like a liquid when it is under a load (experiencing impact force, vibration, or acoustical shock). It acts like an elastic solid by returning to its original shape after forces are removed. Unique to viscoelastic materials, Sorbothane disperses absorbed energy, in a safe and controlled manner, outward from the source of impact in the form of heat, protecting materials, products, machinery, and workers. In many applications, Sorbothane has achieved shock absorption energy of near 95% and accomplishes this efficiently for millions of cycles. It can also withstand the broad range of temperatures encountered in workplace and shipping environments without hardening, melting, becoming sticky, or losing its effectiveness. It also remains effective across a range of likely chemical exposures. It is the best material to demonstrate the elasticity of polymeric materials. Sorbothane is specified by engineers worldwide for its energy absorption and dissipation properties.

Standard Sorbothane products and customization

The Sorbothane line includes standard products that meet a broad range of needs. Our Sorbothane Bushings and Washers, are essential for absorbing shock and vibration in machinery. When used together, they create a floating bolt that isolates the unit from damaging metal-to-metal contact. When shipping containers of sensitive hardware, optics, or electronics, protection from impact forces is supplied by Sorbothane Pallet Isolation Rings—rings that will absorb shock before it reaches your delicate cargo. In addition, your workers can benefit from our unique products, such as our Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet. Our mallet is often used for auto body and fine carpentry applications, since it conforms to irregular surfaces for maximum contact, without denting or marring. And, because the impact from the blow is dissipated within the Sorbothane material, hand jarring and impact shock is virtually eliminated for your workers. Sorbothane also functions as a sound deadener in machines and appliances to protect hearing. To meet your specific vibration and shock absorption needs, Sorbothane Strips and Sheet Stock are offered. Sorbothane is also incorporated into product design to dampen noise and vibration in audio equipment, and to provide shock absorption in sensitive electronics. Customization for your unique application is also available by contacting our engineering staff.

Sorbothane can fulfill your unique needs

Since its introduction in 1982, Sorbothane has been used in many diverse applications involving vibration damping and isolation, shock absorption, noise damping, and energy absorption and dispersal. When Wilson Sporting Goods needed a superior shock absorbing pad for their new professional series of baseball gloves, they turned to Sorbothane. The 270 foot high Air Force Memorial could not have been successfully constructed without Sorbothane dampers helping to displace wind energy and prevent destructive oscillation of the distinctive stainless steel spires.

Contact Sorbothane for further information on our standard products or to find out how our engineers can work with you to develop a unique solution for you.