Vibration Control Equals Noise Control

Controlling vibration may not seem like a big deal until you talk to an engineer. Any modern engineer will tell you that vibration is a huge deal in his or her profession. The tiny waves that come from moving parts and friction can create big waves in the world of automotives, factories, or any other place where moving parts are the main focus. One of the reasons that vibration control is important is that it controls noises.

Do you know how you can tell when your car is having problems by listening to it? This is because parts that are well engineered and are working properly don’t tend to make a lot of noise. Of course, a lot of noise is all relative. A huge machine engine is going to make more noise than a tiny car engine. Still, though, we definitely use sounds to let us know when things are wrong with our machines.

The reason that we can do this is that engineers everywhere have to practice vibration control, which turns out to equal noise control. If engineers didn’t control vibrations in the engines they were working with, everything would always make weird noises, and there would be no telling when things were wrong just by the sounds they were making.

Controlling Vibration with Sorbothane

There are many different ways for engineers to control vibration in a machine. It used to be that they would use springs and rubber, substances that could absorb vibrations and release them in different forms. Now, though, the focus is also on getting vibration energy out of the system altogether.

This is possible because of substances like Sorbothane®. This is a viscoelastic substance that has properties of a liquid and properties of rubber. It can actually absorb sound waves and vibrations, making them disappear from the system altogether. It can also, though, do what rubber does by absorbing vibrations only to release them in a new form, that of heat energy.

This substance makes vibration control easier than it’s ever been, and because of it, engineers are able to make machines that run even more quietly than they have before. This substance gets rid of many of the sound waves that come from machines, making them run more quietly on a regular basis. This means that you’ll definitely be able to tell if something’s wrong with your engine based on the noises it’s making.

Sorbothane Makes the Job Easier

Vibration control is a very tricky subject for engineers. There are engineers whose entire specialty is vibration. Luckily, technological advances like that of Sorbothane are making this job easier. This substance can be formed to fit many different applications, and it’s already been used in many different ways. It lasts for years and years, even when absorbing heavy vibrations, which means that noise can be controlled in machines without the owner having to constantly replace the vibration control mechanism, as well. This makes Sorbothane one of the best vibration control substances available today.

Sorbothane Fulfills Your Unique Shock & Absorption Needs

Since the introduction of Sorbothane in 1982, this unique product has been used in many shock and vibration absorption applications. Contact Sorbothane for further information on our standard products or to find out how our engineers can work with you to develop a custom solution for you.