Vibration Solutions with Sorbothane

The design of a product depends on what it is being used for and what is most desired from the design. For some machines, components or other applications, it might be speed, while for others it is quiet operation while in use or comfort or a combination of these factors.

Other Considerations for Product Performance

Everyone has different standards for what is appropriate, and everyone will have different goals when they set out to create a certain item. But, there is something else to consider as well: what is designed and then produced can be modified or changed by the person once they put it into use. Those modifications and adjustments can mean a serious difference in the way that a component is going to work from what the original design intended. Testing is generally done on an application as it is designed and does not take into account the modifications. That can mean that new solutions for old problems will have to be created as well.

When Vibration Solutions Are Employed

Vibration solutions are usually employed during the design process. For instance, a high speed, high output blender is discovered to have too much vibration from the rotating blades plus the motor, which makes it noisy to operate, causes the motor to become too hot (which hastens its eventual demise) and finally, makes the blender creep along the counter, which can be quite a problem in the typical kitchen setting. Reducing the majority of the vibration in the blender motor can change those issues and improve its overall value.

Do You Need Standard Parts or a More Custom Solution?

Once you recognize that you need some type of vibration solution, you then need to decide whether you need one that can be solved with something that already exists or if you will need a more customized part. That can easily be determined by starting with a look at the Sorbothane Standard Industrial Products Catalog. You will know immediately if the right part already exists. If not, it is time to talk to the design team specialists who can help you determine what you need. Specially created Sorbothane® has a number of applications, including something as simple as cushioning for athletic shoes to something as complex as the space shuttle and everything in between.

Think about the blender from before; it needs to have a fast and powerful motor that operates the blades powerfully enough to blend up whatever food is being mixed. Some models are used to do things beyond just the average mixing- they may need to crush ice or to blend frozen fruits. The more it is expected to do, the faster and stronger the motor will need to be. That also increases the problems caused by vibration. The maker of those types of blenders will use Sorbothane in such a way that it absorbs the excess vibration and makes the blender quieter, more stable and longer lasting.

Sorbothane is the Solution

Of course, Sorbothane is used in a number of other applications and can be adapted to fit any need that you might have.

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