Vibration Suppression with Sorbothane and Why It Matters

Movement is created by using energy to push or pull an object forward, backward, up or down from its original position. In some cases, the energy that is used is only a small amount and the speed created is low. In other cases, the energy amount that is needed for movement is high. In all cases, the expenditure of energy creates additional responses. The more parts that are involved in the movements, the more likely that some vibration is to be expected. However, that vibration can interfere with the working of the machine or application and may cause serious problems.

While the designers assume that there will be some vibration, there are other factors that can increase the rate of vibration. The age of the machine and the sum of its parts, its overall weight (including when in use) or the way that it is used, can increase vibration. That increased vibration can then cause fatigue, breakdown or premature failure.

Why Vibration Suppression Is Important

Vibration can speed the breakdown of certain parts. It can also cause other parts to move out of place, which may cause serious damage as well. For instance, in a motor, if a part moves out of place it can stop other parts from moving. Eventually that may cause the motor to break down completely. Before you get to that moment, though, you may notice increased noise and the motor may become overheated quickly.

Finding a way to suppress or absorb this vibration is key to protecting the motor or other application.

An Example of Why Vibration Suppression Is So Important

Take a motor that has ten working parts inside of it. All ten of those parts have a space that they must sit in, and all ten parts work by moving in some form. The fastest moving of these parts may create some vibration, which can eventually cause them to move into the path of the other parts and slow down how quickly they move or may force them to move in a direction beyond what it was designed to do. Eventually, that will mean that one or more of those parts will become broken.

In a motor that can be easily repaired, that may not be that big of a deal, however, in other motors, it can take more time and effort to even diagnose the actual root of the problem. In certain applications, repairs are not going to be immediately possible,, leaving you with a major problem. Reducing vibration can slow the harmful damage that can be created and prolong the life of the machine in question.

Custom Parts Are an Option

For some people, the standard parts offered on the Sorbothane website are the right solution, but for others, the need to find different parts is important. Sorbothane® can be created in the right size, thickness and even in the right color. Look at the Sorbothane catalog, and if you do not see what you need, then speak to a design specialist for assistance in finding the perfect vibration solution.

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