What can Equipment Vibration Isolation do for Industrial Businesses?

What is equipment vibration isolation? This refers to using a pad that works as a shock absorber. Our particular pad uses Sorbothane technology. The technology for vibration isolation is viscoelastic polymer. It is polyether-based polyurethane material. It has both viscoelastic properties as well as high damping coefficient properties.

This product not only offers basic shock absorption but also excellent memory. In fact, this product combines several technologies into one pad, one with an exceptionally long life. It is superior to liquid or foam based products, since it can be used literally millions of times. Our equipment vibration isolation pad can also dissipate kinetic energy.

The pad not only absorbs the shock but also prevents heavy machine parts from “creeping” or walking beyond a set point. These pads can take extremely high impacts, from manufacturing lines. The basic technology is similar to what we use in creating athletic wear, but models like the equipment vibration isolation 170 model can absorb far more impact for industrial purposes.

You must understand that when you have reduced vibration, you actually improve your product output and performance. When there is more protection, there is not as much need for maintenance or repair parts. You can reduce vibration as well as noise transmission. Vibration, in fact, just the noise of a heavy duty environment can hurt workers as well as affect performance.

Using specially developed materials to reduce vibration, you can create a more efficient operation, reduce expenses, and provide a safer place to work for your workman. You can also take it easy on your floor, which does take a good beating with industrial work. The Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Pads offer a low creep rate, an excellent damping coefficient (with a high range of temperatures), and an easy to use no-springs system. Spring systems are usually what make the impact so devastating.

This pad not only absorbs energy but dissipates it. Different shock absorbers have a different way of dispensing with energy. For example, some use heat, liquid or air to their advantage. The Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Pads combine the best of both worlds using elastic and liquid technologies.

Installing these pads into your industrial set up is not as complicated as you might think. It only takes a little while and does not involve any rearranging of appliances or shop. Sorbothane has been used in everything from athletic wear to electronics and beyond. However, some of the best equipment for vibration isolation has been in industrial and ergonomic projects. Many jobs involve gaskets, sealing in, or even high color plastic molding.

Whether you need volume or power reduction for industrial use or acoustic absorption, try to find a company that’s trustworthy and that has an online catalog for easy comparisons. Why not improve your professional environment? Make machines last longer, protect your workers and optimize your production process. These pads are affordable and available in a variety of options. Learn more about Sorbothane’s solutions by downloading our Standard Products Guide today.