Fiberbuilt’s Player Preferred Golf Mats

Golfer addressing a golf ball with a wedge on a Fiberbuilt golf mat.

Realistic Simulator-Based Player Experience


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Player Preferred Series of Golf Mats


Create the most realistic simulator-based player experience. Develop a golf mat that delivers the true feel and accurate launch conditions of a real golf course.


Fiberbuilt designers worked with the engineering team at Sorbothane, Inc. to incorporate a Sorbothane® vibration absorption layer as part of the Pure Impact Turf of Fiberbuilt’s Player Preferred Series of Golf Mats. Providing realistic launch conditions, feel, and sound of fairway grass.

The Sorbothane-based vibration absorption layer absorbs up to 94.7 percent of the club head vibration, protecting the player and their equipment from unwanted and damaging – club to turf – vibrations. The realistic feel and sound encourage golfers to attack the ball without hesitation.

Fiberbuilt’s Player Preferred Golf Mats are available in a variety of golf mat options, including:

  • Studio mats – for teaching facilities and advanced home practice setups
  • Combo mats – for hitting, putting, and chipping
  • Tee lines – for tee shot practice for multiple golfers at the same time