Blue Sorbothane Tendonease shock blocker vigration rings for an athlete's elbow

Shock Blocker Vibration Ring


Sporting Goods and Fitness


A simple product to stop a tennis player’s or golfer’s elbow pain at the source – the hand.


Dr. Mark Greenberg, a sports medicine specialist, suffered from tennis elbow. While treating himself, he found he needed to target the cause of his pain, not simply cover up the symptoms.


Dr. Greenberg partnered with us to develop the Shock Blocker™, a comfortable Sorbothane® ring worn on the finger to absorb the damaging shock created by impact in the hand. In addition to dampening shock waves causing pain in affected tendons in the forearm and elbow, the Shock Blocker also allows the injury to heal even while continuing activity. The Shock Blocker isn’t limited to the tennis court, though. It can be used effectively for other equipment-gripping sports, as well as tool use.