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Black Road to Pro Sorbothane ShockSorb tennis racket vibration damper

ShockSorb Tennis Racket Vibration Damper


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An effective tennis racket vibration damper that maintains a live racket feel.


Shoulder injury and recurring pain forced tennis instructor, and former pro, Sky Kim to search for a revolutionary product to control racket vibration and shock.


The Sorbothane, Inc. engineering and production team partnered with Sky to develop a racket damper that would reduce harmful vibration. While at the same time maintaining a distinctive satisfying “pop” when hitting a tennis ball. The design team was challenged to produce an effective damper that not only reduced “bad” vibrations but also was tear-proof and durable. Testing of the final production design of the ShockSorb shows the damper helps reduce pain and fatigue in the shoulder and arm. Blind tests were held with the participants raving about the ShockSorb’s feel, sound, and how much the damper helped with their arm pain.

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