OTNY Impact Hockey Glove

Blue, cream, and grey Otny Impact Hocky glove laying palm up on a white surface.

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OTNY Impact Hockey Glove


Protect the hands and fingers of all calibers of hockey players from injury due to high-speed pucks and stick slashes which can result in broken hands, fingers, or ripped fingertips.


After requesting and testing Sorbothane® samples, OTNY found the perfect material to provide their hockey gloves with elite shock and impact absorption, faultless memory, and impact durability. Partnering with Sorbothane, Inc. engineers, OTNY utilized Sorbothane’s one-of-a-kind viscoelastic material as padding for the OTNY Impact Glove, which not only provides the level of protection and durability they were seeking but also:

  • Comfortable “stick feel” palm material with breathable mesh fingers 
  • Easy flex thumb movement
  • Short cuff for better motion control
  • Waterproof construction

When tested in a controlled impact test at a top testing facility, the OTNY Impact Hockey Glove outperformed leading competing gloves in shock absorption at various impact speeds by an average of 30%. Thanks to Sorbothane material, the OTNY Impact Glove provides superior hand and finger protection to hockey players around the world.