Black SoleImpact impact-absorbing socks made with a Sorbothane pad

Impact-Absorbing Socks


Sporting Goods and Fitness


A protective and comfortable “sock” that would absorb harmful impact shock and could be worn during training and activity.


Over 17 years of working with a diverse group of patients suffering from both acute and chronic pain and injuries as a result of impact strikes.


After listening to the need and product idea, we partnered closely with SoleImpact’s founder, product designers, and end-users to engineer and produce a thin Sorbothane® pad. The Sorbothane pad is designed to be stitched between layers of SoleImpact’s exclusive sock. The result is a comfortable sock that absorbs impact shock and, when worn consistently, can dramatically reduce pain and injuries related to overuse and impact, allowing the body to maximize its full potential.