Killer Instinct Crossbows

Killer Instinct Crossbow Sorbothane vibration & noise reducing bow damper in green and black

Vibration & Noise Reducing Bow Damper


Sporting Goods and Fitness


A vibration and noise-reducing component for split limb crossbows.


As a hunter-driven company Killer Instinct is motivated to design equipment that instills confidence and is unmatched in the field.


Our engineering and production teams worked closely with the staff at Killer Instinct Crossbows. The objective was to produce a Sorbothane® component that would reduce vibration and help keep the award-winning Killer Instinct Crossbows stealthy quiet. Thus enhancing the hunting experience. The result is a friction-fit Deadening™ Limb Silencer. Made of Sorbothane it is the most effective noise and vibration damper on the market. The Limb Silencer comes standard on a number of Killer Instinct Crossbows and can be purchased separately.