Blue LiveKühn PeacePad on a skating rink in front of a pair of white ice skates

PeacePads Protective Skater Pads


Consumer & Commercial Products


Discreet hip and tailbone protection pads for skaters.


A personal, impact-related training injury sidelined Rachel, a young skater, from the ice for almost a year.


The unique properties of Sorbothane® made it the ideal material for PeacePads protective skater pads. Sorbothane attenuates shock, moving energy laterally away from the point of impact, and stays flexible, flowing like a liquid to correspond with a skater’s movements. In this specific situation, the material’s wide temperature range made it the perfect application in cold conditions, as it’d never get stiff or hard.

It took a year of testing materials and design before the computer-modeled PeacePads were ready for the market, but that time allowed PeacePads to find its way into other sports. Today, it enjoys wide usage in horseback riding, skateboarding, longboarding, motocross, mountain biking and skiing.